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FACT - 7 of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. DTI/PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 2004

FACT - Only one in five SMEs back up daily and an average SME backs up only 60 percent of their company and customer data. Symantec 2009 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey

FACT - More than half of the SMEs estimate they would lose 40 percent of their data if their computing systems were wiped out in a fire. Symantec 2009 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey

A growing number of SMEs believe that data loss is a problem that only happens to others. Unfortunately, this belief is a fallacy. SMEs are significantly more likely to experience data loss than large enterprises. Data Risk Management Trends Survey 2009.

The flexBACKUP Solution
One of the best ways to ensure that data management and disaster recovery gets the attention it deserves is to outsource the processes to ServerWorks. By taking on your data management role, we can leave you free to focus your attention where it's most needed - on your business.

The flexBACKUP service offers business continuity benefits to the security, storage and recovery of data compared to traditional backup solutions. There are no internet usage costs as we use our own wireless network instead of your internet. You won't need to maintain your current backup hardware or licenses nor offsite tape storage/collection services as these become redundant.

Two key issues organisations currently experience today are:
The backup window from daily trading hours to the time data gets to tape is on average 10 hours, i.e. you save a file at 11am in the morning but that file might not be backed up to tape until 9pm that night. The recovery time is the downtime to repair or order and ship a server, rebuild it, and then restore data and is typically anywhere between 48 and 72 hours.

flexBACKUP can reduce the backup window to as little as 15 minutes and the recovery time to as little as 6 hours even if your building burnt down.

How good is your recovery?
Historically, many companies focus their attention on the backup process. What is critical is the recovery process. How easy, how fast and how reliably can you recover production systems and data after a crash or failure? These are questions that you be should be asking yourself. flexBACKUP's focus is RECOVERY.

flexBACKUP forms an integral part of ServerWorks flexDRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) suite of services designed to offer any organisation peace of mind that they are covered for any eventuality.

flexBACKUP summary:
Local onsite and remote offsite backups,
Fully automated - doesn't require any involvement from your staff,
Not just data - the entire server (operating system and applications) is backed up,
Wireless - doesn't use or rely on your internet connection, there are no data transfer charges,
No setup charges, just a simple fixed operational fee.

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"We are based in Christchurch and have been using ServerWorks for the past six years. I.T. is not our specialty, so we needed a provider who could install a system that was full-proof and capable of handling our needs which included a significant amount of remote work, with the room for future expansion which we had planned." Read More
"What a breath of fresh air. ServerWorks are professional from the start to finish, they deliver what they promise and you are dealing with qualified computer engineers." Read More

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