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"We are based in Christchurch and have been using Serverworks for the past six years. I.T. is not our specialty, so we needed a provider who could install a system that was full-proof and capable of handling our needs which included a significant amount of remote work, with the room for future expansion which we had planned. We interviewed a number of Providers and felt that Serverworks understood our needs and were proactive in finding not only solutions for the needs we had identified, but also were thinking outside the square and suggesting features and capabilities that we had not considered.

Our business has doubled in size since then and Serverworks have helped us with this process, which includes running full time offices in Timaru and Auckland. We have been faced with a number of I.T. challenges throughout this growth period, and with the help of the team at Serverworks are using our system to its full capacity.

We find the Serverworks team to be knowledgeable, professional and friendly, and always do all they can to accommodate our needs and requirements. They have made it their business to understand our business well, and know most of our team on a 'first name' basis."

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