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About ServerWorks
ServerWorks is a Christchurch based business IT services company supporting customers nationwide. We design and support computer networks with the least amount of downtime. Typically we act as a clients 'IT department', doing everything from designing and procuring new equipment and systems, to monitoring ongoing systems performance and undertaking urgent fixes.

As you would expect, our staff have great IT skills but more importantly they have a core set of values they live by. This is a key point of difference that makes us stand out from other companies. We are not just an IT company; we are a customer service company. Our commitment to service is best described by our core values.

Core Values
People First:
People are the first, foremost and main priority of our business, be they other staff members, customers or suppliers. They are worthy of our respect, support, understanding and honour.

Passion for Service:
Working to meet the needs of those around us, both personally and professionally; taking the initiative to pre-empt those needs and keeping the lines of communication open.

Ownership & Commitment:
Going the extra mile; going out of our own way to get the job done; seeing it too completion; taking responsibility for mistakes and making sure they get fixed.

Taking pride in all that we do and being able to put your mark on it; sticking to our knitting - being exceptional at a small number of things rather than average at everything; having a small number of customers that we look after really well rather than a large number of poorly attended ones; doing it better than everyone else.


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