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QUESTION - Can your network keep the business running during a minor outage or a major fault?

QUESTION - Do you have your IT systems fully documented and maintained taking you one step closer to be able to recover from a disaster?

We check xxx elements of your IT systems in an audit and for a technical document we note 168 different elements with 1000's of sub elements. Here are 6 items to ponder:

Do you have a record of all the critical passwords for your network?
Does your current redundancies like your UPS (Un-interruptible power supply) provide enough capacity to shut the servers down or are even setup to do so?
How secure is your network from outside attacks?
Is the maintenance on hardware and software that you are entitled to up to date?
Do your backups work properly and can they be recovered from?
What risks to the business exist in your network that you are possibly unaware of?

flexAUDIT provides two different solutions:

A: The Discovery of your network, planning for the future
IT networks evolve over time and different people are involved in different stages of that evolution. Business owners can rapidly lose visibility of exactly what they have and how it's used for the business. Licensing can often unintentionally drift out sync with actual usage and asset registers seldom accurately reflect the assets. flexAUDIT brings all this information together in one non technical document and repaints the whole picture for you. This enables accurate and informed planning on changes to the network. It provides the necessary information to plan upgrades to systems. It aids the process of budgeting IT expenses. And it can correct wayward asset registers.

A key point of difference with flexAUDIT is that it involves engineer's time examining your network, gathering important information and researching the history to obtain all the relevant pieces of the puzzle. It's important to value the human factor when carrying out an audit. There are many automated tools for assisting in things like audit generation, information collection and analysis. But the knowledge and judgment of our skilled workers is essential to interpret the findings of these tools to provide you with the most value from the audit.

B: The Technical Documentation for your network, the detailed schematic of your network
Documenting in technical detail what you have and maintaining that document through changes so your business always has a living document representing your network. The result is you will hold the information about your network so it's not just in your IT providers head and is easily transferred to another provider if necessary. It's also a fundamental component of any disaster recovery plan like flexDRP.

Essential Network Documentation will include:

Server Hardware Configuration & roles
Key user/device account usernames & passwords
Software licensing information
Network diagrams

flexAUDIT Summary:

Getting the most out of what you have and planning for the future.
IT budgeting/asset information.
Comprehensive network documentation for your business.

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