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Why does your business need redundant internet access?
Today, many businesses rely solely on the internet for their mere existence, making internet availability a critical element of their business strategy. With one internet outage, the grandeur of the internet is instantly diminished. Internet downtime prevents your customers from communicating with you via e-mail or may prevent your staff ordering urgent stock from a supplier. This hurts customer goodwill and inhibits valuable communication between employees of a company. The loss of revenue associated with an uncertain amount of internet downtime is a risk many businesses cannot afford to take. This prompts businesses to seek out preventative measures to ensure consistent availability such as redundant internet access.

Until recently backup internet connections were the domain of the large organisations with huge communication budgets. Today multiple options exist that are cost effective even for a small operation with services from as little as $40 per month.

What does flexCONNECT do for your business?
flexCONNECT is for someone that cannot afford the downtime caused by their ISP having a fault and being denied access to any internet resources including e-mail. Anyone can have a second internet connection as a backup but it still requires switching and configuration between them to provide seamless connection continuity. Swapping from one connection to the other is not just a simple matter of swapping the plugs over. This may get you internet again but your e-mail, remote access and many online services will likely stop working because they are linked to your primary connection. flexCONNECT automatically switches connections should one go down, it automatically reconfigures the settings so you can still get your e-mail, and provides an alternate entry point for your remote access. What's more, it automatically reverts back to the original configuration as soon as your primary connection is back online. In most cases you would not know anything has happened and your business certainly won't be disrupted.

flexCONNECT Summary:
Provides immediate and seamless internet and e-mail access if your primary internet provider breaks down.
Automatically switches between connections taking care of any configuration changes required in real time.
Maintains customer goodwill and employee productivity.

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