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FACT - Double-Take Software has published the results of a survey into attitudes towards the availability of business applications. The survey found that over 69 percent of IT managers stated that a service being unavailable for more than one hour was unacceptable to their business.

flexHOST provides a 'server as a service' solution for businesses that have a highly mobile team of people that need collaborative communications and a shared information repository. It also provides an 'offsite replication' solution for a business with a centralised operation that requires a higher level of business continuity that a single onsite server cannot provide.

Your main server provided as a service
The benefits of a hosted server are:
Having all your data in one place and backed up and accessible from anywhere.
Sharing your data and resources amongst other team members securely.
A powerful, backed up, e-mail system that is available from your computer, the web, or your mobile device and contains all the same information and is backed up.
All the maintenance is taken care of for you - no effort or planning required on your part.

If you need the benefits of a server but don't want the responsibility of a server onsite, then we can provide the solution you need from our data centre that you and your team remotely access. We manage the server for you so you can focus on your business.

Replication for your onsite servers by using offsite secondary servers
If your business is dependant applications that are critical to your clients and staff, any downtime to these can result in loss of productivity and poor customer service. In most cases these applications can be replicated to secondary offsite server(s) that will automatically take over in the event of a failure of the primary onsite server. This replication and redundancy minimises the downtime in your business and keeps your staff working and your customers serviced. This service can protect from equipment failure as well bigger disasters like fire or flood.

flexHOST Summary:
Provides the resources of a server without you having to own and look after one.
Provides insurance for business continuity if the unexpected happens to your onsite servers.

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