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STORY - A Canterbury waste provider needed more reliable and faster communications at their main site, the Telco's could not provide anything better than what they already had. flexLINK provided them a service that gave them the uptime and speed they required for their communications link to the head office.

What does flexCONNECT do for your business?
flexLINK interconnects your computer network communications between buildings, next door, across the street, even across town, province or country.

flexLINK is a high speed private wireless network covering Canterbury. It is used for interconnecting your business offices, providing flexBACKUP services, and flexCONNECT services. It does not use your standard Telco internet connection and leaves that free for internet services. It offers a range of connectivity speeds and services at significantly less rates than equivalent speed services from the Telco's.

What is the problem with current solutions?
Standard internet connections in NZ don't make the grade for inter office communications anymore. There is an ever increasing need for more bandwidth, applications are more resource hungry and the need to share these applications with staff at other offices places greater importance on the speed and responsiveness of connectivity solutions. Most standard internet connections may be fast on the download but will be a fraction of the speed on an upload. When you are connecting between two offices the maximum speed of the download at one end is limited by the maximum upload speed at the other end - which is slow. This is not a fault in the system, just the way standard internet connections are designed. flexLINK solves these upload speed problems by providing the same speed each way unblocking the bottle neck and delivering fast, responsive, and reliable connectivity.

flexLINK Summary:
flexLINK solves the speed limitations associated with using traditional internet links for inter office communications. For your staff this means less waiting and more productivity.
flexLINK provides connectivity where Telco's can't.
flexLINK can provide the same or better services as a Telco but at significantly reduced rates.

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