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FACT - IDC research determined that 98% of all companies are adversely affected by unscheduled downtime.

NOTE - "Prevention is better than cure": never has this maxim been more true than when it comes to looking after your computer networks and, in particular, file servers.

QUOTE - It's important to realise that backups don't always work. Just because the lights come on, it doesn't necessarily mean that anything is happening. - Data Risk Management Trends Survey 2009.

Avoiding Server Problems Before They Arise
Monthly Server preventative maintenance is an excellent way for businesses that do not have an IT administrator on site to ensure not only that file servers are running at optimal performance, but also to spot potential problems before they arise, thereby reducing costly downtime.
Much like a house or a car, a server needs frequent care and attention. Everything has to be buffed to a high shine for efficiency. Preventive maintenance often gets relegated to the bottom of to-do lists at many companies because most IT time tends to be focused on solving problems and addressing urgent issues rather than tweaking settings or changing platforms. But what some managers forget is that many of those current problems and issues could have been minimized or even avoided by taking a more proactive approach toward maintenance.

What are the benefits to you?
Fixed monthly costs along with a greatly reduced risk of unscheduled large payments for on-demand servicing.
Provides the peace of mind of operational alerts and automatic software updates to ensure you have the latest in security and online protection.
You don't need to ensure things are working the way they should - we spend the time monitoring that.
Your IT systems will last longer - extending the time between major upgrades/changes.

How does flexMAINTAIN work on your server?
The tasks undertaken usually include the following:

Hard disk check - available space, speed, and structure
Backup system check/test - capacity, is it working properly, can files be recovered from the backup
Operating system patching plus service pack installation and server restarts as necessary
Antivirus software system check and status report if relevant - is it up to date, is it protecting your network
Monitor the event Log audit for warnings and errors
Uninterruptable power supply tested for runtime - how long it runs for in the event of a power failure, does it gracefully shut the servers down to avoid damage or data loss
At scheduled intervals, onsite checks are carried out to verify physical condition, and test other critical components where a remote test may not be comprehensive enough.
We don't just rely on the analysis and monitoring tools. An engineer also looks at the health of your server at every maintenance check.
A full report is completed on the status of the server and sent to you after every maintenance check. The report also contains any appropriate action plans that may be required which we will discuss with you

flexMAINTAIN for networked PCs
As with servers, PCs suffer from a loss of performance if not updated and maintained. A regime of providing regular updates and housekeeping tasks, such as disk checks, anti- virus checks and defragmentation on a scheduled basis keeps these machines in check. After an initial setup many of these maintenance tasks can be automated. flexMAINTAIN's strength is remote monitoring and management to ensure your PCs continually perform at their best resulting in the least amount of downtime and optimal productivity for your team.

flexMAINTAIN Summary:
Ensures your servers are running at optimal performance to support your business needs.
We do the monitoring so you don't have to.
We touch as well as look - it's not just the tools that are doing the work, an engineer is also doing the inspection.
The monthly health check creates and sends you a status report of all your PCs as well as your critical server infrastructure. If there are any issues or concerns we will bring them to your attention and make a plan to resolve them.

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