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When you buy a spec home you get to choose from a pre defined product range (here's something I prepared earlier). You get something new but it's not customised to meet your specific requirements. Alternatively, an architect will design something to suit your specific needs. Just as an architect does, we design a solution to fit your specific requirements, now and in the future. How do we do that...

Clarifying your requirements
     Your business:
What you do and how you do it?
How does your I.T. support your point of difference?
How is your I.T. involved in your customer's experience?
     Your situation:
What's your current I.T. structure?
What works well, what doesn't work well?
What's your total cost of ownership (capital purchases and operating costs) of your IT?
     Your needs:
What are you trying to achieve?
What do you want to change, what needs fixing?
What are your time frames?
     Your future:
What is your 3-5 year plan?
What is your growth rate?
The magic wand question - if I.T. could do one thing for your business what would it be?
Design a system
It will fix your I.T. problems of today.
It will be flexible to support your future business development.
It will give you a 5 year picture for your total cost of ownership (infrastructure and operating costs).
The Solution
The process that we use to understand your business and clarify your requirements enables us to design a system that supports your business today and in the future. That's what we call a solution.

Customer Comments
"We are based in Christchurch and have been using ServerWorks for the past six years. I.T. is not our specialty, so we needed a provider who could install a system that was full-proof and capable of handling our needs which included a significant amount of remote work, with the room for future expansion which we had planned." Read More
"What a breath of fresh air. ServerWorks are professional from the start to finish, they deliver what they promise and you are dealing with qualified computer engineers." Read More

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