Network/IT Support from ServerWorks

Get us when you need us
We only support a small number of customers that we can look after really well rather than a high number of customers who are poorly attended. We give you a great response time (24/7) by having the lowest ratio of customers to a member of our technical team, currently 9:1, than any other IT Services Company we have been able to compare ourselves against.

Primary tech
Even though we have a team of people to give you a great response time, from that team you also have a favourite technician you can call directly on their mobile number. This is the technician that knows the most about your business and network. This gives you the best of both worlds; a point of contact to discuss your problems, and a greater team to provide additional support when needed.

Service level agreements
When uptime is critical to your business operations then we can contractually commit to support you with as little as 1 hour response time - 24/7. Our goal is that you experience the least amount of downtime when the unexpected happens.

Nationwide support
Geographical location is not a barrier; your network can be closely managed without an onsite presence. Currently we manage customer networks from Invercargill to Auckland.


Call 03 977 1750 or if you
don't feel like talking you can e-mail or pop your request in the form below, we will respond to you either way.


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